Don’t bother staying up for the Nintendo Press Conference

The year there are no speakers blaring Nintendo remixes or pop music, the scene is marked only by it's deafening silence and the darkness is broken by only a solitary UV light, illuminating the journalist's nametags alonge with white shirts, shoelaces, bleached hair and the teeth of both attendees who bothered to brush. ... "ALLRIGHT LISTEN GEORGIE, I WANT YOU TO EXPLAIN TO ALL THE NAMELESS PEOPLE HERE WHY YOU'VE CHOSEN TO LEAVE NINTENDO" "Oh well see uh um that als-" He doesn't finish as Reggie has kicked his arse , sending him flying clear of the stage in into Miyamoto's moshpit of journalists.

Wii Breathes Life Into Gaming Industry

After suffering a steady decline over the last few years, sales of videogames are up over 55% over last year and there's one key factor: the introduction of Nintendo's new Wii system. Nearly six months after launch, keen consumers are still lining up for hours outside stores whenever a new shipment of Wii arrives. Such … Continue reading Wii Breathes Life Into Gaming Industry

OUTTA THE WAY DICKHEADS! Gran Turismo is here to save the next gen!

Oh man can you believe there are skeptics out there who doubt the revolutionary power of PS3's Cell™ chip to change the way we think about games? I mean no game is a better showcase for Sony systems than Gran fucking Turismo, right? They haven't even put gameplay into the previous four releases ensuring they … Continue reading OUTTA THE WAY DICKHEADS! Gran Turismo is here to save the next gen!