“Durp!” – David Jaffe: [Insert not-so-classy comparison here]

Hello, and welcome to another edition of “Durp!”  This time we cover our favorite developer (to make fun of), David Jaffe.  With the NGP announced, surely he’s had time to come up with some sort of riveting, yet orthodox, opinion on the “Next Generation Portable” (that happens to just do things that current systems already do, but worse), right?  No.  No he has not.

So let’s make this a little game.  Can you guess what David Jaffe compared the NGP to?  CAN YOU POSSIBLY GUESS?

If you guessed “new pussy” then you are correct!  But if you guessed correctly you either:

  1. Cheated and saw the quote already
  2. Are just entering middle school
  3. Are actually David Jaffe

Anyway, here is the quote:

New hardware is like new pussy. It’s exciting at first but after you’ve experienced enough fresh vagina over the years – while there’s still always a bit of excitement when something new comes along – you learn that sooner than later, the new and exciting becomes the standard and dependable and so it’s best to just stay focused and [grateful] on what you’ve got at the moment and if you need to make a change, it’ll just happen organically.”

As if the media needed any more ammo to use against gamers as it is.  Other developers that are not David Jaffe, please think about what you say when commenting on anything.  It really can’t be THAT hard to not make some sort of random sex, anatomy, or fart joke/comparison whenever you can.  It doesn’t make you cool, hip, or anywhere near mature.  If you get the urge to say anything completely retarded, just shut your fucking mouth.  Gamers everywhere will appreciate it…

Source: CVG

7 thoughts on ““Durp!” – David Jaffe: [Insert not-so-classy comparison here]

  1. An insane comment from a truly frustrated man. At no point did he even state his opinion of the NeoGeoPocket


  2. Man, this is just embarrassing. His mouth is like fresh pussy, just asking for something to be jammed inside. It’s like he was just looking for an excuse to sound “deep”.

    A random sex / fart joke would actually be funny. This sounds more like a mid-life crisis.


  3. What’s with that guy, trying to spread his STD filth on new hardware?

    He shouldn’t be allowed near 3DS demo units. Might give a new meaning to “Wii”.


  4. I didn’t set my expectations low enough. Thought this was going to be the usual “3DS is for babies NGP is for SERIOUS GAMERS HAhahah!” comment.


  5. I would say I’m offended, but this is kind of par for the course these days. One hopes gaming media’s recent flirtation with feminist theory over Samus Aran’s portrayal in Metroid: Other M would mean they’d be on this like hawks, but the room is strangely silent.


  6. I’m a proud PlayStation Vita owner and I find David Jaffe’s remark, about the Vita, to be rather insulting. I mean, it’s not like we asked for this jagoff’s opinion, anyway. Not only, is this man a scumbag, but, he’s also a sad excuse, of a human being, too. Being the creator of both God of War and Kratos, doesn’t mean shit, when you’ve got an attitude and mindset, like this.


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